Aura Photography

the Aura or biofield is the energy that surrounds everything that is alive, it is the life force, it flows from within and radiate outward. While some sensitives of all times have the gift to see auras most people cannot. The recent studies on aura photography have made visible what it is invisible making it possible for everyone to actually see auras. The energy medicine, such as Reiki, can in this way have a concrete and visible evidence of its effectiveness along side with the abstract and invisible feeling of well being and healing reported.

Go to for auras photos during Reiki treatments.

Different energies have different wave lengths and frequencies which translate in the various colors of the spectrum of visible light. While no color is better then an other as they all bring about an experience and a lesson, they do correspond to different states of consciousness also described in the chakras system. As underlined by the aura photography examples a Reiki treatment improves the condition of oneʻs aura or life force energy.

Here it is a brief description of the meaning of the colors in the Aura :

Red (1stchakra)= physical energy, intensity, vitality, health, grounded. stress (dark red)

Orange (2nd chakra)= pro/creativity, artistic, sociality, emotions, pleasure

Yellow (3rd chakra) = intellect, accomplishment, competition, solar plexus, happiness

Green/Pink (4th chakra)= love,compassion,healing, heart, teaching, growth, balance

Blue (5th chakra) = voice, throat, communication, hearing, peace, grace, telepathy

Indigo (6th chakra) = inner vision, third eye, visualization, intuition, truth, clairvoyance

Purple,Gold (7th chakra)= crown of head, bliss, cosmic knowledge, magic

White (7th Chakra) = spiritual channel

The colors on the right of the aura photo is the experience that is leaving, the color on the left of the aura photo is the experience that is coming, the colors over the head is what is experiencing in the present moment.

It is interesting to report that an aura photo of a Reiki practitioner hand while the Reiki energy was flowing revealed that the Reiki energy is a white beam with indigo inside, that are the highest frequencies and most spiritual states of consciousness.

Reiki is a natural healing method but it is also very helpful in consciousness growth. Without being a religion it helps developing a spiritual connection in complete harmony and respect to any belief.

The distant symbol used to send Reiki distant treatments is a japanese ideogram that translated means The Origin of All is Pure Consciousness.

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